At Suncrest Orchard we have been growing cherries for over 35 years.
The owners (the Jones Family) all work on the property and our staff share our passion for quality.

Suncrest Jones Family Cherry Orchard Central Otago

Suncrest Orchard

A family owned and operated orchard with a passion for growing premium quality fruits & fruit ports.

Cherries, apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums, apples and pears – all bursting with intense Central Otago flavours.

Mrs Jones' Fruit Stall in Cromwell

Mrs Jones’ Fruit Stall

Jones Family Fruit Stall is one of the best known fruit stalls in Central Otago.

We stock a huge array of fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, honey products and vegetables.

Taste our Fruit Ports & 7th Heaven Wines or grab a Real Fruit Ice Cream.

7th Heaven Vineyard

Our family owned vineyard is located on a stunning north facing slope in the back of Bannockburn.

Our Pinot Noir vines are nurtured to produce fruit driven Central Otago wines.

Order NZ fruit direct from the orchard

Our cherries and other fruit are exceptional and comes from a dedication to the land we grow it on.

Doug and Eletheria Jones started their fruit growing journey in the early 1980s, purchasing a 10 hectare mixed fruit orchard.

Over 30 years on, Suncrest Orchard has blossomed into a successful enterprise that Doug and Eletheria and their family still enjoy working in today.